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Calling All Heroes


A good portion of my youth was spent watching reruns of the campy Adam West Batman TV show, or filling notebooks with sketches of Michael Keaton wearing the cape and cowl. I even dug out this vintage drawing—dated '93—to verify my lifelong geek credentials.

Unlike some childhood properties that I have since aged out of (He-Man, anyone?) my love of Batman and superheroes has grown up with me—inspiring me to create a new photopolymer stamp set: Calling All Heroes (item 138002).

This versatile set is like having a fully-stocked utility belt of iconic comic book imagery. It includes an alphabet, burst shapes, a tileable cityscape and halftone pattern, and a variety of elements to recreate your favorite hero—or piece together an original creation. What would Dick Grayson look like with Clark Kent's glasses and Tony Stark's goatee? Get this set and find out!

Use the alphabet to stamp a custom POW!, ZAP!, or whatever super-sayings you can dream up. The Word Bubbles Framelits Dies (item132968) can also provide great accents for your comic-themed projects (although they don’t directly coordinate).

As the father of a little girl who loves donning capes and masks just as much as her older brother, I’m well aware that superheroes aren't just for boys anymore. I made sure this set could be easily adapted for both boys and girls.


Well, what are you waiting for? Grab Calling All Heroes today, and stamp out evildoers everywhere!

Dave B.
Catalog Designer


  • Evie Robledo Salinas

    May 02

    I just love this set. I am in a hostess club, Mimi Carter, is my consultant. Can't wait to order in July!

  • Delfin a Musick

    May 02

    My grand kids would go crazy for this

  • Patricia Hernani

    May 02

    love the superheros

  • Belinda

    May 02

    This is a great set. The artwork is perfect for the concept. LOVE IT!

  • S.Dombi

    May 02

    great idea!!! do we just order thru our regular demo?

  • Garaleen

    May 02

    BAM! These are awesome! So glad I joined Stampin' Up! last month!

  • Carrie Rhoades

    May 02

    This set is just RAD!

  • Michele Zygmunt

    May 02

    Love it!

  • Jen Treadway

    May 02

    So glad I never got around to ordering yesterday!

  • Lydia

    May 02


  • Rachael

    May 02

    SUPER stamp set! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  • Sue Plote

    May 02

    I've already ordered this! My grandson is so in LOVE with super heroes, and I can't wait to use this for his birthday invites this year. I am thrilled to have the ability to give him what he loves without having to buy a bunch of commercial "stuff". Awesome to use SU! instead! YAY!

  • Nikki

    May 02

    LOVE this set!!! OOOOHHHH this is by far one of my faves - ordering now!! I'm hoping that SU are making a ton of these - hope they don't sell out right away!!

  • Grethel

    May 02

    With 2 boys and a husband who loves superheroes this is going to be perfect.

  • Emily Richards

    May 02

    This is cool set. How.much? I have longed for a set like this. Is it out yet? I have a 2 yr old grandson who is starting to like super heros. So this set would be perfect.

  • Becky

    May 02

    AWESOME! Love all of these fun projects! (I was a She-ra fan!)

  • Kay Kalthoff

    May 02

    Alas . . . I've never been a super hero fan . . . but WOW! I'm a FAN of this stamp set!! LOVE the background stamp and the city scape ROCKS!! Great job with this set! I can see how this will appeal to a lot of people - including non-super heros like me!! Thank you!