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A Super-Simple Solution!

There are few things I hate more than when the check engine light goes on in my car. My first thought is “Oh great, something massive and super-expensive is coming my way.” However, more often than not the fix is something super-simple: a sensor needs tweaking; fluid needs to be topped off; or the gas cap needs tightening. (No kidding. It happens!)

By now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with Stampin’ Up! Well, I find that often we overlook simple solutions because we’re so busy looking for a massive solution to a little problem.

As a dad, I found myself looking for a solution to a relatively small problem—party favors. When my kids bring home party favors, they are enclosed in plastic bags and are usually broken by the time they get home. (I am guilty of handing out party favors this way, too.) But boy, do I have a simple but effective solution for you! Introducing Mini Muslin Bags!

These fantastic little bags come eight to a package for $9.95 US/$14.95 CA and are—hold on to your knickers!—stampable! How much time do you spend looking for perfect packaging/party favors for:


Bridal showers or wedding gifts (Hello! Money holder!):

Baby Showers/gifts:

Teacher gifts:

The list could go on and on! Just choose your favorite stamp and you are ready to go!

Now, there are several ways to stamp a muslin bag. I used a Classic Stampin’ Pad and Stampin’ Write Markers for mine. Tip: I learned while stamping the muslin that you do need to make sure that you don’t push the stamp down too hard. This will result in a line around your image. I got away with this by calling it a rookie mistake, but you can always say that those rogue lines add to the handmade charm of the gift. ;-)

You will also want to let the ink dry for a while; if you do that, you will reduce the risk that the ink will smear. I rubbed mine with my finger right after I stamped and it smeared a little. Let your project dry thoroughly before you use it.

I hope that you find these as simple and fun to make as I did! Let us know in the comments section below what you plan to do with your Mini Muslin Bags!

Happy Stamping!

Casey G.
Sr. Web Properties Specialist


  • Natalie

    Feb 11

    I love this idea. So simple to make!

  • Bette

    Feb 11

    Great idea! Thank you!