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Crazy in Love

9:22 PM. I went crazy.

It wasn’t hard to do. (Well, let’s be honest. “Crazy” is my normal.)

I wanted to scrapbook my husband and daughter, Jane, so I hauled out the Celebration Basics Kit and both of the Celebration Add-On Kits (Bermuda Bay/Calypso Coral).

Awwwwwwwww! (Imagine angels floating above and the sound of soft music drifting overhead.) Like Melody Hyde, I was am in love. In love with this kit. In love with this picture. In love with this family.

I had fun with lots of things on this layout but was really drawn to this color combination. The way the sun “kisses” my daughter’s face reminded me of sequins and yellow tones. Not only did I use the sequins, but I also added the frayed thread from the Gold Sequin Trim.

10:17 PM. This is when I REALLY started to go crazy. I made a card.

I often do this. I make a scrapbook page and with the scraps I make a card. It’s a great way to “clean up” your workspace.

Both the Add-On Kits and the Celebration Basics Kit pennant pieces were now strewn all over my room—as if it were Christmas morning. Instead of cleaning it up or going to bed, I continued to play.

10:43 PM. My next thought was: “Why are there only 10 of these adorable bags in this kit? I cannot use them. I want to keep them forever and ever. Wait. I cannot end up on that Hoarders show. I need to buy some more. Yes. Good idea. I’ll buy some more.”

It’s 11:01 PM. Those pennants are staring at me. With Easter coming, I couldn’t help myself.

TA-DA!!!  Seriously.  This was so easy.  And with the “eggs” in the Add-on Kit . . . it screamed Easter! There was just one thing missing. Eggs + Easter = Bunny. I needed a bunny.

12:22 AM.  Yup. I thoroughly enjoy “crazy,” but it’s time to go to bed. Good night!


  • Kay Smith

    May 04

    Great projects, Cathy! Especially love your scrapbook page. YOu have included so many elements! Wow!

  • Robin Feicht

    May 04

    Cute, Cute, Cute

  • Jen Timko

    May 04

    Love this! All of the projects, you post….everything!!

  • Rhea Skomorowski

    May 04

    Yet again, Cathy is fantastic.