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Behind the Scenes: the Man in Black

 Hi. I’m Cobie.

Here at Stampin’ Up!, I am involved with several functions leading up to an event. After Robynn gets everything ready to go, I wrap up all of the pallets, load them in the trailer, and arrange the delivery of the trailers to the events. (A bit of trivia—the most trailers for an event was Convention 2012 in Salt Lake City. We took eight trailers loaded full of supplies and products.) 

 I also coordinate with our vendors to make sure classrooms and display areas are set up exactly right. It all starts with a blank screen and ends up as a complete Gathering Place.  (I’ll tell you more about that next time.)

During events, I’m one of the men in black. Unseen by many, I’m behind the scenes doing some of the technical work—not just for demonstrator events, but also for employee events like our company update meetings at the home office. 

Setting up audio.

More audio set up.

Derek trying to help with audio—“trying” being the key word. 

Setting up the projector.

Double-checking the projector.

Fixing the mess Derek made while he was helping with the video.

In action during company update meeting.

We have a great team—and we love what we do. Check back next week and Ang will fill you in about what she does.


  • Jp

    Feb 11

    Action shots

  • Rikki

    Feb 11

    One amazing employee ya'll got there!

  • Traci Cornelius

    Feb 11

    What a great way to show us what goes on and hopefully some well deserved recognition for the " men in black" xxx

  • Heather Arsenault

    Feb 11

    Love this Behind the Scenes series! Thank you Cobie for your hard work at our wonderful Stampin' Up! events!

  • Carol Carriveau

    Feb 11

    love these behind the scenes looks!