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Behind the Scenes: More stuff you didn't realize

Join Derek as he lets you in on a few things you didn't realize about Stampin' Up! events.

Check out our latest highlight video here.


  • Julie Ann Robitaille

    Feb 13

    Hi Derek, what I find really frustrating is the fact the fact that I am not given the opportunity to participate at these events. Being from Quebec, Canada, I have the feeling that these events are for people in the states. When came the small possibility of participating in your huge 25th anniversary convention, within a day, it was sold out. It is very frustrating!

  • Michele Zygmunt

    Feb 13

    I love Stampin' Up! events. I miss Regionals especially since Convention in Utah is so far away and difficult to get to at a reasonable cost. I wish SU! would consider online events with a kit sent to us for Make & Takes, presentations, etc. that many could enjoy either live or when convenient for them.

  • Carol Carriveau

    Feb 13

    As a former marketing person who worked on quite a few events over my last 15 or so years working, I love seeing these videos...I think there is more appreciation if people understand exactly what it takes to put on these big events...thank you!

  • Angela

    Feb 13

    We would love to see behind the scenes! Are we not all human beings! This woul not make for a bad time! We ALL make mistakes

  • Wendy Cranford

    Feb 13

    I have only been to one convention (last year) and it was AWESOME. I already have my ticket for this year. The only thing I can say about last year was, I was EXHAUSTED. I tried to see everything, which felt impossible. I loved the special room for award earners, it was amazing and I felt so special. I can't think of anything else that I would've wanted to see, I just wish I could have seen all that was there. Hope that makes sense.