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Stamp-Carving Savant

Some people are so creative when they carve stamps using the new Undefined Stamp Carving Kit!

No one is more so than my coworker, Shannon West; in fact, I think she is in a class by herself—she’s a Stamp Carving Savant!!!

For a real treat, check out her Stamp Carving Pinterest page to see what else she has been carving.

Yesterday she surprised me with a stamp she carved of my dog, Phoebe. She used this picture as her inspiration.

And here’s how the stamp turned out.

“Amazing!” is all I can say!! I was so excited that I screamed with delight when she handed it to me. I couldn’t wait to use it. Here’s the first card I made using the stamp. (Of course I gave it to Shannon!)

What stamp would you like to carve? 

Already been carving stamps using the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit? Send us pictures of the stamps you’ve carved to so we can pin them to our Pinterest page!

Donna G.
Curriculum Developer and Trainer


  • Cheryl O

    Feb 13

    Amazing talent.

  • Cheryl O

    Feb 13

    Your Stamp Carving Pinterest page link doesn't work, think its missing the h from _ttp

  • Linda Tarolli

    Feb 13

    I wish I had just a smidge of Shannon's talent.

  • Nancy chambers

    Feb 13

    Awesome! I so want to do this carving of my dog ! So creative