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Make a Difference Mondays

For 25 years Stampin’ Up! has been making a difference in the lives of people around the world. For the month of October, we wanted to highlight some of our wonderful employees and how they are making a difference in our communities. Join us for Making a Difference Mondays to see how our employees have taken this challenge to heart!

Big Heroes and Little Peeps

I was driving home from Stampin’ Up! one evening, traveling down a very busy road. Suddenly a duck with seven ducklings crossed the road in front of me. Against my father's advice, I swerved to miss them. (I'm glad no one was in the other lane!)

Two people behind me swerved, as well. All three of us pulled over to get the duck out of the road—but before we could get close to her, she walked over the sewer grate. And plop, plop, plop, plop . . .  four of her ducklings fell through the drain.

I drove the mother duck with her three remaining ducklings back to the canal so they would be safe.

Then I tried to pull off the grate, but couldn't budge it . . . even a little. One person left, saying that it didn't appear that there was anything we could do. The other gal and I just stood there listening to the loud peeps coming from the drain. I tried the grate again, but it didn't work the second time, either. So she and I put our heads together. She tried the city offices and animal control, but they were both closed. She called her husband, who worked for the city water works. He said that all they could do was flood the drain. Well, that wasn't going to help.

Then I asked: "Where is the fire department?" I drove down, met the captain, and said: "I don't know if you do this sort of thing. . . . " He said, "Let me grab a couple of the guys.”

Of course they came with a big truck and a little truck.

They took two very big pry bars and muscled the grate off. Then the captain jumped in the hole. The next thing we knew, a bucket was handed up.

My new friend found the mama duck on the other side of the canal. Here is what followed:

I love happy endings!

Many thanks to the Riverton Fire Department. You guys are awesome!

Pam E.
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  • Bphillips

    Feb 08

    WTG! The world needs kind people that won't give up like you!

  • Mary (aka Muffin's Mama)

    Feb 08

    So now you're godmother to those ducklings. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.