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$20 Tuesday . . . Back to School Edition

This week’s $20 Tuesday is special for a couple of reasons. The first is . . . well, let’s face it—the kids are back to school! I love my munchkins as much as the next person, but when they are out of school for three months, there is no end to the trouble, bickering, and messed-up schedules (of course, you could blame me for that, as well). And the second and perhaps most important reason: this week we have three different options to choose from! 

The first idea was so obvious that I feel a little silly for not thinking of it. Oh well. One of the great things about being a crafter is the ability to CASE (copy and steal everything). Of course, I have to give proper credit to make it legit. ;-) I CASED this idea from the fabulous Amy Swartz, Stampin’ Up!’s VP of sales and marketing. Hang on to your seats, this project took a whopping five minutes per book and is simple enough that anyone can do it. After all—I did!

First, I headed to the local big box store and picked up a notebook. These set me back 50 cents each, so the cost for my project so far was $1.00. (Notebooks come in all shapes and sizes, so if you choose a smaller size, you’ll get even more bang for your buck!) Alas, I chose one that required me to use four pieces of Designer Series Paper (I chose Eastern Elegance).

Speaking of Designer Series Paper, flip to the paper section of the catalog, or better yet—head to our online store (US/CAN) and purchase your favorite pack! It will run you about $10.95.

Now, at this point in the ball game, talk becomes cheap. Here is how I made the book. Grab your supplies; mine are pictured below. 

  1. Trace the book onto the paper. I tried to get my pencil as close to the edge as I could; you know—“measure twice, cut once” type of thing. (Tip: I didn’t want to cover the black binding, so I used a little bit of SNAIL Adhesive to adhere the paper to the notebook where I wanted my paper to start; when I flipped it over to trace the outline, it remained in place.
  2. Cut out the paper following the line you traced.
  3. Double check placement.
  4. Adhere your paper to the front of the book.
  5. Repeat for the back of the notebook.
  6. Sit back and marvel at how crafty you are!

Here are my two finished books.

As you can see, with a grand total of $18.90 . . . I made my $20 limit! Side note: these can be made for way cheaper than $18.90. I used SNAIL Adhesive, which if you purchased brand-new would be $6.95—but let’s be honest, you already have a drawer full of adhesive . . . and paper, too! But I used the full retail price . . . just in case you didn’t have any of these supplies.

The second idea is a back to school teacher gift. I started thinking about all of the different things teachers have to sign and wondered if there was a way to make that a little less monotonous. Well, of course! We are full of solutions! I jumped right to the catalog and headed to the Personalized Name Stamps. That’s right—did you know that we offer personalized stamps? I was particularly drawn to the Casual Monogram Stamp; it makes a fun, bold statement and is great for a male or female teacher.

My stamp was pretty simple—just the first letter of the teacher’s surname and his name, Mr. Yates. Note: you can get clear up to three lines before you break the $20 mark. So this stamp could say several things, for instance:

  •           Y
    From the desk of
        Mr. Yates
  •         A
    Awesome Job!
  •         G
       Great Job

Now, I couldn’t leave the stamp in its packaging. It just wasn’t quite presentable. So I found some paper lying around, accordion folded it, and stuffed it in the box.

If you have resources, you could add a little ribbon or tag or something, but I am on a budget!

The third and final installment of this $20 Tuesday is something just for you. Now that the kids are dressed, with their lunches packed, and safely on the school bus, all that’s left for you to do is carpe craft diem. (I assume that is how you would say “Seize the crafting day!” )

Head to your crafting space, open up your Paper Pumpkin, and get to work. Oh, you don’t have one? Well, we can fix that! Head over to the Paper Pumpkin website to find out more! Side note, one of my favorite parts about the packaging is the fun little surprise, especially the little sayings.

If you act now, through the end of August you can get the first two months of Paper Pumpkin for $10 each month by typing in the promo code pumpkindeal at checkout. That’s right! I just got you two months worth of crafting for $20! Man, this is getting good!

I hope you are enjoying $20 Tuesdays! I know I am. Do you have any great back to school crafts to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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