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Breakfast Food Stamp Set

At Convention 2013 in Salt Lake City, my stamping presentation included this little stamp set, which I consider to be my greatest carving accomplishment so far.

Many of you have suggested that Stampin’ Up! manufacture and sell this stamp set. While that request makes me very happy, I must point out that I CARVED THIS MYSELF! And you can, too—all you need is your very own Undefined Stamp Carving Kit (133402). I actually used one of the Undefined Refill Kits (134808) because I wanted to keep it in the cute little box. Either kit has the same amount of rubber, foam, and blocks in it, but the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit has a few additional items to get you started (carving tools, and lots of other goodies).

This entire stamp set was not clear in my mind at first . . . it evolved throughout the process. My first thought was “I MUST have a Diet Coke stamp.” That was my mission and the end goal was very clear. I actually carved this stamp first:

But once stamped, it bothered me that the straw and the wave were almost one continuous red line. So I re-carved the stamp and this was how it turned out the second time:

Much better!

My next thought was, “I need an easy, yet awesome stamp to carve on stage.” I can’t remember how or when bacon came to mind, but I found some really easy images of bacon that I liked, and the idea was solidified in my mind. It was definitely easy enough to do on stage (when nervous with shaking hands), but still fun and weird . . . just what I wanted!

I stamped the bacon image below with Primrose Petals ink; then I used a Cherry Cobbler Stampin’ Write Marker to make the edges darker.

Once the bacon was carved, I thought: “What in the world am I going to do with this?” I could make a card that says “I love you more than bacon,” but “We go together like bacon and eggs” also came to mind—because you really can’t eat one without the other. . . !

So I carved the eggs (stamped below using Crushed Curry ink).

And since I didn’t have a greeting to say exactly what I wanted to say, I just wrote it myself:

It was at this point that I realized I had most of my favorite breakfast food items included . . . everything except the double chocolate Dunford Donut—mmm . . . delicious!

In the Undefined Refill Kit, there are four blocks. I used the largest one for the Diet Coke, and the two medium blocks for the bacon and eggs. All that was left was the long skinny block so I had to figure out a way to make the donut fit . . . stamped below using Chocolate Chip ink.

And there you have it. All the items that make up a delicious breakfast! Carving these stamps was incredibly fun and rewarding. Can’t wait to carve another one-of-a-kind stamp set!

Shannon West
Demonstrator Training


  • Lori B

    Feb 08

    The is by far my most favorite stamp set ever! I will have to make my own version of it! Thanks for sharing the story behind the demo!