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Creating a Catalog Cover!

Many people are involved in creating our annual catalog cover--project managers, people from marketing, designers, concept artists, and more. I wish I had a photograph of all of these people in these shots, but I don’t. What I do have are a few shots with the photographer (me) and our model, Tiffany.

Based on some of your comments, most people seem to assume that we hire professional models in our shoots. But the model that we used in this photograph is actually one of our talented product designers named Tiffany B.

Because Tiffany has such a fun and energetic personality, she gets photographed quite a bit in our publications. As a photographer I felt like the best way to celebrate finishing this project was a behind-the-scene shot with the model and photographer.

We hope you enjoy our new annual catalog!

Casey H.
Photography Manager.


  • Vanessa

    Feb 08

    I agree with Judy (July 13). When I first saw the catalog, I thought it was a fashion magazine. I had to stare at it for a while to even notice the SU products strung along the picture frame. Last year's catalog cover was fabulous and said everything about the company's product, not a model's personality.

  • Lynn Koepke

    Feb 08

    What fun! Channing herself for a photo shoot!

  • Jo Ann

    Feb 08

    I love this!! I love the catalog too :)

  • Janice Ashby

    Feb 08

    Looks like fun! The first thing I noticed about the cover were the shoes she was wearing. Love them!!

  • Marsha Hosner

    Feb 08

    The cover is as amazing as the inside -- thanks for sharing - - who knew?

  • Melinda Dailey

    Feb 08

    I do love looking at new catalog and making my wish list. But, I was sad to not see the Christmas and Halloween sets :(