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Quirky Canine

I’m a dog person, but it hasn’t always been that way. About five years ago, I thought dogs were dirty, smelly, and a little too earnest. Then I went to the local humane society—just to support my friend who was getting a dog, of course—and came home with Cupid.

What I discovered changed my life. I knew next to nothing about dogs—plus I suspected I was allergic to them. That was confirmed, but thankfully the symptoms are minimized because Cupid is a mix of two hypoallergenic breeds: Lhasa Apso and poodle. I know a lot more about dogs now, especially that they have their own personalities. I recently mentioned to my sister that Cupid “is his own man.” He’s a sweetheart, but he does things his way.

He’s also a fetchaholic. I don’t say this lightly. I threw a ball for him one day and things have never been the same since. I don’t know much about his history before coming to me, but someone taught him how to fetch—and boy, can he fetch. He can (and wants to) do it endlessly, and since I know how much he loves it, every day involves a fair amount of ball throwing.

Naturally I had to commemorate this trait on a scrapbook page. These photos are from a few months after he came home with me.

A paper design with numbers was an easy choice for this page (I’m sure you can see why), and the Soho Subway Designer Series Paper inspired the rest of the color scheme. The arrows from the Hello, Lovely Stamp Set might be my favorite part of the layout, though, since they are so fun and literally point to the object that makes Cupid so happy. A close second-favorite element is the modified “You CAN have too much” phrase from the Yippee-Skippee! Stamp Set. I love to use unique phrases on my layouts and Stampin’ Up! has so many from which to choose.

Thanks to a dog named Cupid, I became a dog person in my 30s. Now I want to hear about your pets. How did they come into your lives and what are their fun quirks?

Alyssa H.
Senior Writer/Editor


  • Beverly Parkison

    Feb 14

    Oh, goodness. I had always wanted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. After all if they are good enough for the Queen , well. LOL But they are very expensive and out of my budget. One day my son and daughter -in law walked in with this sweetest ever puppy. They had at the time 7 that is 7 dogs of their own and I said,"That is not what you need". They both looked at each other and said" This one is yours" she is very protective so please don't bring your pet to visit. She just might have yours for dinner.