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Brick Canvas Does It All

A few weeks ago, Stampin’ Up! employees were invited to participate in an exciting drawing for a Brick Canvas gift certificate. In return, our (very!) lucky winners indicated that they would be willing to share their experiences with us on our corporate blog. Both writers went to the Sage Leaf Spa, and both were thrilled with their experience: it was dreamy, relaxing, and fabulous. Now the rest of us can’t wait to try it out! 

The experience starts from the minute you get out of your car. Brick Canvas is tucked snugly in the middle of Thanksgiving Point (which is just beautiful). The front door can only be reached by walking under vine- covered archways and through manicured gardens. Even in the not-quite-spring weather it was a lovely walk—I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be in spring and summer. As it was, friendly little purple crocuses were already breaking through and starting to bloom. 

The building is so warm and inviting! I didn’t take any pictures of the lobby, but the furniture is whimsical and classy. I had to fill out a little questionnaire at the Sage Leaf Spa, and then it was off to the locker rooms to get robed and ready. 

On our way we stopped by the product cupboard. 

It’s kind of a girl’s playground. From the beginning I was amazed at the attention to detail! And this was another wow moment for me—all the products are all-natural and organic. It was reassuring to me to know that while being pampered I wasn’t going to be exposed to any harsh chemicals.

The locker room was so nice. It had tiled floors and little rooms with showers separated from the changing area. (Loved that! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to slide wet feet through dry pants while juggling my clothes so they don’t drag on the wet floor. So thoughtful.) It was all so clean and well-maintained. I was assigned a locker and given the softest robe and a pair of flip flops. The robes were so warm and comfy! Then it was off to the relaxation room to get ready for my pampering. 

The relaxation room was just lovely. The lights were low, there was quiet music playing, I could smell some lavender essential oil wafting about, and there was a cozy fire in the corner. Complimentary snacks and water were out. I took a quick pic, then sat back and relaxed.


First, it was massage time. My masseuse’s name was Amy. Loved her! She was so friendly and sweet. We chatted about travel and massage therapy in general. I could tell that she’s really passionate about the healthful benefits of what she does. I felt that I was not only in good hands, but I was with someone who cared about making people feel better.

Remember when I mentioned the details? Well, there was a little chocolate waiting for me when I got to my room. I got to pick which essential oil I wanted—Amy even spent some time discussing the benefits of each one with me. The table was warm so I stayed toasty and comfortable the whole time. 

The massage was just amazing. Thanks, Amy!

Next, I was off to get a facial. I’ve never had a facial before so I didn’t know what to expect. Kathi (the esthetician) was awesome! She exuded calm and relaxation. There was another chocolate waiting for me in my facial room, as well. All the products that she used were organic and all-natural. It was kind of like getting a meal on my face. She started with a pineapple mask that smelled good enough to eat, followed up with a blueberry mask, and finished off with a coconut-chocolate mask that (I kid you not) smelled just like a Mounds Bar. That’s about when I fell asleep. I couldn’t help it! It was probably the best nap ever!

I woke up just as she was finishing and I felt like a shiny new penny. I rested in the relaxation room for a little while. I enjoyed a snack of dried coconut and granola and drank lots and lots of water (which is really important after getting all the toxins pushed out of your muscles).

I freshened up in the locker room and cute Sierra (the receptionist) gave me a quick tour.

You can visit the website to find out everything that’s offered—I’ll just highlight my favorites. Downstairs is a café (Fraiche) where you can get a healthy snack or meal. All the food is checked by a nutritionist before it goes on the menu, so you know you are getting good stuff. 

They also offer Bikram Yoga onsite. 

I’ve never tried Bikram and a class was going on so I couldn’t tour the room. Brick Canvas’s studio is an ideal place to do this type of yoga. There’s an air filtration system that pumps in fresh air frequently—which is a benefit! Trust me, with such hot temperatures and sweaty people exercising, fresh air is a must! 

My other favorite thing about Brick Canvas was the view. Everywhere I went I was looking at gardens, fountains, trees, and mountains. Imagine exercising with a view of a water fountain or a garden.

It was a real treat to go and enjoy a night of pampering for myself. I haven’t done something like that ever and it was the best! Really, truly it was an amazing treat. I’ve felt good all week and my skin has never looked better. I told my family about it and it sounded so amazing to them that my mom has booked massages for her, me, and my sisters at the Sage Leaf Spa. I’m really excited to go back!

Thanks, Brick Canvas and Shelli Gardner, for a truly amazing experience. 

Andrea W.
Demonstrator Training Coordinator