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Ribbon Storage-Messy Monday

I love using ribbon . . . and I even love just looking at it! That’s why—when thinking of a way to store my ribbon—I wanted it to be a part of my desk décor. When I saw these shelves at Ikea, I knew that they would be perfect. Not only is each individual spool easily accessible, but it is also inspiring to look at. 

The shelves are only about 3" deep, so Stampin’ Up! ribbon fits perfectly. (All of our ribbon  comes on the same size spool, which makes this type of ribbon storage work very well.)

I just love the splash of color that the ribbon adds to my desk.

Do you have any fun ideas for storing ribbon? Let us know!

Robyn P.
Sr. Concept Artist


  • donnasue jacobi

    May 04

    what is the part # or shelf description that you used for the ribbons? it's a perfect solution. thanks

  • Lori

    May 04

    A friend of mine built a 4" deep frame with two dowels running through the sides, for each "shelf". The ribbon spools rest on the two dowels and I have them color matched of course!!

  • Marie Drahorad

    May 04

    I don't have a lot of space and I love antiques - so I got a antique wooden threadspool holder that is on a lazy susan and I simply wrap a few yards of the ribbon on a wooden spool and place on the holder - makes for a beautiful display of color and fits nicely in a small place.

  • Kristi M

    May 04

    I use clear canning jars. I replace the lid insert with a circle of cardboard and cut a slit in it to dispense the ribbon. They look pretty on my shelves and i can pull as much or as little as I need.

  • Regina

    May 04

    awesome, yes I have a fun way I store my ribbon.......where can i send the picture

  • Blythe Klipple

    May 04

    Robyn, I've done almost the same thing for *years* but I use rain gutter instead. In this stamp room my strip of white plastic rain gutter is about 5 feet long. I keep only current ribbons on board. I've kept mine my 'type' of ribbon but I like your idea of matching colors. When the new catalog debuts I'll think about reorganizing my ribbons. My rain gutter is just above my storage cabinets (built in 'dead space under an overhanging roof line') and just before the roof line bends, about 3.5 feet from the floor. Awesome use of space.

  • Answer Lady

    May 04

    These are the RIBBA shelves from IKEA.