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From Dollars to Pennies!

I have had the privilege of posting and reading nearly every one of our posts since we have gone live with the new Stampin’ Up! blog. And, during this month in particular, I have been thinking a lot about hobbies (after all, it is National Hobby Month) and how they have influenced my life.

While many of my talents are still a work in progress, one that I have grown particularly fond of is photography. For me it can be a car, a landscape, a wedding, etc., but whatever it is, I will shoot it and strive to take the best shot I can. Sometimes I go for artistic, sometimes something simpler, but whatever it is, I do my best to capture that image in a way that I can be proud of.

I guess that is why I love hobbies. They keep us passionate, they keep us progressing, and they keep us learning. When I am stuck in a rut, I know that grabbing my camera will put me at peace and make the world around me a little less complicated. 

My hobbies represent me and what I do, they are proof that I have invested in me and I believe in myself. When I first started photography boy was I nervous about that first important shot. It didn’t help that it was for my daughter’s blessing announcement, but it still represented a sizeable investment in me, in my gear, and in my overall wellbeing.

I figure this image below would have cost me $1000.

Had I given up and quit there because it wasn’t very good (truly it wasn't, but I gave it my best!), that would have been one expensive hobby, one failed experiment, and probably one angry wife!

But several years later the shot below cost me pennies.

My initial investment of time, money, energy, and years (five but who is counting!) of practice has paid off (at least I think)!

At the closing of National Hobby Month, I would encourage you, if you have been looking for an escape, take that time, take that money and invest in yourself. Whether it’s that card you wanted to make, that pin that you just have to do, or that album that is almost done, invest in yourself! Invest in your passion and remember that not only are you worth it, but that in time, your hobbies transition from costing dollars to costing mere pennies!

Happy crafting!

Casey G
Senior Web Properties Specialist