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Keep Them on the Nice List

The Nice list. We all want to be on it, right? We want our kids to be on it, too. Before they can say “Santa who?” after the frenzy of unwrapping presents Christmas morning, have them write thank you notes to those who gave them gifts. My parents taught me to have an “attitude of gratitude”. I think it’s a great thing to pass on.

Crafting time could become part of a family tradition to sit down and make the thank you cards together. You could also bundle them together as a stocking stuffer with a fun marker or pen. I love these cards because they are bright and colorful and could be used for any time of the year, so make some extras they can keep on hand.

My nieces and nephews are sure to stay on the Nice list with the cards they’ve filled out. These sweet little notes will become little treasures for the recipients. What will you do to stay on the Nice list?

Melody H

Concept Artist