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Creative Cookies

My sister and I both love to bake, and it’s even more fun when we bake together so we recently spent a day baking holiday cookies. We thought it would be fun to try out the Special Events Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps, so I got a set and took them to her house for a day of baking and snacking (snacking is always a part of our baking days).

I had never baked with the cookie stamps before, so I read the instructions and then decided I wanted to experiment with different methods of stamping. I’ve always made sugar cookies by rolling out the dough and then cutting them out, so I thought I would try that with the stamps. We rolled out a bit of the dough and stamped, and it worked, but not as well as when I rolled the dough into a ball and stamped (just like the instructions directed). I would suggest adding a bit of flower to your stamp too, it will help you keep the dough from sticking. 

I found that the images stayed clearer and the cookie looked better overall when I rolled a larger ball of dough.

The smaller cookies still worked, the edges just cracked a little more. 

But no matter what way I stamped them, they still tasted delicious (even before they were frosted)!

When the cookies had cooled and we had made the frosting, we got down to decorating. 

Red and green was our intended color combination (we’re pretty traditional that way). Unfortunately our red frosting turned out a little more pink than we had planned, but we went with it anyway. We played around with frosting and sprinkles. My sister even pulled out some paintbrushes to paint the frosting on (don’t worry, they were new) and I have to say it worked pretty well. 

I love baking with other people, and I think the stamps made it even more enjoyable for both of us. We’re going to use the Holidays and Occasions Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps in the coming months, and we’re even thinking of using these Special Events stamps around Independence Day. The stars and flower will make perfect Fourth of July treats. And the gift image, well we have lots of July birthdays in my family so it’s perfect. 

Jessica C
Senior Staff Writer