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Tender Moments

New Year’s Eve 2014 brought with it a complete change for one member of the Stampin’ Up! family. Natalie has been an employee of Stampin’ Up! for over 13 years and currently works with our international markets. She and her husband have four girls.

On New Year’s Eve, they learned that their five-year-old, Hazel, has cancer. The first day of 2015 not only brought a new year, but also the first day of chemotherapy treatment—the first of many treatments and hospital stays to come.

As a Stampin’ Up! family we wanted to try and show our support for this sweet family in some small way. Our concept artists put an album together, documenting Natalie’s family’s journey through this rough time. Natalie has graciously allowed us to share this album with you. Below you’ll see Hazel’s journey. These have been some of her moments over the past six months.

 Hazel 1 Hazel 2 
 Hazel 3  Hazel 4
 Hazel 5  Hazel 6
 Hazel 7  Hazel 8
 Hazel 9  Hazel 10
 Hazel 11  Hazel 12
 Hazel 13  Hazel 14
 Hazel 15  Hazel 16
 Hazel 17  Hazel 18
 Hazel 19

Rachel J.

Public Relations Specialist


  • Monique

    Jul 06

    This is beautiful! Our 3-year-old has leukemia. I have wanted to do something to document her journey. This is a wonderful inspiration. We will be praying for Hazel & her family!

  • Julie Dean

    Jul 06

    Thank you for allowing SU! to share this beautiful album filled with loving memories of a very difficult time. Sending prayers for Hazel!

  • Penny Hanuszak

    Jul 06

    Beautiful album. It gives me inspiration to document my mother's journey. My heart goes out to Natalie her family and especially her daughter Hazel. Such a sweet little girl.

  • Eileen Benmore

    Jul 06

    How brave and courageous you are Hazel. Such a wonderful inspiration for those of us with struggles of our own. You give me great strength. Thank you and God bless.

  • Amy

    Jul 06

    What a beautiful album! Wishing Hazel luck and comfort as she goes through this journey!!

  • Stacey

    Jul 06

    This is a beautiful album.. It hits home my father had cancer for 2.5 years. How did she get sweet Hazels picture on the cover??

  • Caroline

    Jul 06

    so beautiful #fightlikecrazyhazy

  • Linda Jones, Lake City, FL

    Jul 06

    Hazel and her family will be in my prayers.